Born and bred Africans ourselves, we are inspired daily by the boundless talents of our artisans who spend hours crafting the authentically unique works that we source from all over Africa.

The birth of a new business

Born and bred on the Southern tip of Africa we will forever feel the beat of the continent in our veins. When returning to our homeland we would find ourselves amongst the African artisans appreciating the incredible talent and buying unique pieces to bring back the electric energy of Africa to Dubai. Supporting the often-struggling artisans became not only a habit, but also a passion. It was over a discussion and a glass of grape on the sofa that we coined the idea of converting our hobby into a business.

Our business is based on the principles of fair trade, ensuring that the artisans are fairly remunerated for their unique creations. The living environments of these talented individuals would shock most people and there is nothing more rewarding than giving them the peace of mind that not only can they now afford their next meal for their family, but that their exquisite talent is being appreciated on the other side of the world.


Why Work With Us ?

We are South African born with an unsurpassed love for our birth continent and its people.

  • Ethically sourced products
  • Uplifting African communities
  • Passion for Africa

Our intention is to empower these individuals, and their communities, by not only compensating them ethically, but also by showing them that the beauty of their work is adored all over the world.

Meet Tammy and Kirsty

The founders of Grass Roots are Tammy and Kirsty, South African born and bred women, each with a story to share

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